Adeel Cloth

A piece of cloth designed to dry the washed kitchen tools and can be used to wipe out splitters and spills on the kitchen’s tables. Kitchen Towels are the best alternative to paper towels. These are washable and reuse-able.  A wide range of designs and prints are available at the Adeel Cloth Ind.

Features of Kitchen Towel

Following are some of the highlighted features. 

Quality Kitchen Towels:

These kitchen towels are commercially high-grade luxurious quality. These are made of 100% cotton which will provide long-lasting quality and makes it softer after every wash.



Kitchen/Dish towel can be used for multipurpose. Like drying crockery, bread wrapping, cleaning spills, or can be used into picnic hamper.

Multipurpose Kitchen Towel - Adeel Cloth Ind.

Durability of Tea Towels:

These are more durable for daily use and long-lasting than any other towel because they are specially made for absorption. These are very efficient to use and long-lasting. They won’t leave any lint over your crockery.

Durability of Tea Towels - Adeel Cloth

Absorbent of Dish Towel:

These are made to be very absorbent and liquid thirsty. They will not leave any lint after using them to dry and clean the dishes. These are very perfect for glassware and any kind of kitchen too. Kitchen messes can be easily wiped out by using this. The towel helps a kitchen to be clean and hygienic all the time. 


Trouble-Free Easy Care:

These are easy-care, can be washed in a washing machine and after every wash, they will get softer and fluffier. 

Environment Friendly:

These are green alternatives for paper towels and this makes them more environmentally friendly. Tea towels can soak more than any other paper towel out there. And these are reuse-able too. Can be easily washable in a washing machine. Also, it can be used many times in a single wash. As compare to the other cloth towels kitchen towels are very efficient in performance and provide a quality outcome. 


Many designs are available for the chef/kitchen towel and many sizes according to the needs. Following are some of the decent and elegant designs that are being produced for our clients.

Plain, Printed, Jacquard, Dobby, and Damask styles 

Azo Free dyes OEKO-Tex – Standard 100 Certified:

Towels are made along with other major brands from Our OEKO-Tex Certified Factory to ensure it Surpasses the highest standard of testing and synthetics available for Home Textile Products.


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