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We are the renowned and experienced textile manufacturing from Pakistan, while maintaining a positive attitude and improved business opportunities for our Customers. We believe in offering a total solution that’s why our service areas encompass all the routine procedures that are required in this process.

We take care of all the details and coordination needed to guarantee total dedication and customer satisfaction.

Updated market reports and economic surveys are provided regularly to our customers highlighting issues that have direct bearing on principal profitability.

Quality control of production based on AQL and ISO standards from manufacturing of production to final shipment.

Following Professional Manufacturing Facilities are installed in our premises.

Yarn Bleaching:
In Kier Machine for removing dirt and other wastage from the cotton yarn to get proper result after dyeing & finishing.

Dyeing & Finishing Unit:

Equipped with complete setup from Yarn Dyeing, Fabric Dyeing, Fabric Finishing and Calendaring under one roof:

Weaving Unit:
Looms (Owned) 70, Looms (Contract) 500-800 Plain, Draw Box Equipped with Dobby, and Jacquard.(Automatic- Semi Automatic)

Stitching Unit:
(130 Single Lock Stitching Machines (JUKI + Brother), 10 Over Lock Stitching Machines)

Screen Printing:
As one of the service we offer to our customers at competitive pricing with superior quality work.